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Head Lice Head Check

Head Lice Specialist

All of our head checks are performed by our highly trained and experienced Specialists. Each individual received a full head check making sure to cover the entire head.

Head Lice Check 2

Our Specialist will show the client, parent, guardian or spouse what they have found. This also helps with any uncertainties in the future.

Head Lice Treatment Combing

Lice and Nit Removal

Each treatment receives a through comb out removing all nits and lice from the hair.

Head Lice Treatment Comb-Out 2

All of our Specialist are kind, caring, compassionate and gentle. We take our time to make sure all of the infestation is gone.

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Head Lice Checking 4
Head Lice Treatment Pesticide Free Product
Head Lice Treatment Combing

Our Specialist are well educated and ready and willing to share information, tips and "How To" instructions on getting rid of lice for good.

We are very "picky" when it comes to taking care of each and every one of our clients.

We use pesticide free products that aid us in removing head lice and nits in our head lice treatments.

Our Specialists have a successful technique when it comes to combing and eliminating nits and head lice.

Lice and Nit Removal Products

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