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H L J. 7/28/17

Talk about a life saver! I will forever recommend Jamie's to anyone who has the problem with the little bugs. They're patient, they help you through a crappy situation and they explain EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. They won't try to swindle you, they'll check you and if you have it, They will treat you. HOWEVER, if you're part of a family that one person has it? EVERYONE needs to be checked!! It's only $10 to be checked! and the best $10 I have ever spent for peace of mind! You and your family are true blessing seriously I'm blessed to have ever met you. I am glad I made that call!!

Square review, 7/26/17

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Thank you for this service you provide! You definitely are angels giving comfort to people who don't know what to do!

Ken S. 6/23/17

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Bad situation to be in, wonderful helpful people that truly care about the work and need of people with this problem!!!!

Patricia C,

Great staff very clean and goes the extra mile to make the family feel comfortable when needing service. Explains everything to you the most people don't know about what's going on. Their knowledge is wonderful.

Square review, 5/15/17

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Great experience. Super nice and helpful!

Elaine D. 12/6/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Friendly and amazing! I highly recommend!

Square review 10/14/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Great environment. Awesome people. Gave me relief!

Cynthia H. 10/10/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Thank you for getting us through a crazy time! You ladies were amazing!

Kent P. 9/17/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Thank you for explaining the procedure several times.

Amy D. 7/25/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Always great service! Peace of mind! Thank you!

Anna K. 4/25/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

It was calming, well explained, friendly, efficient and worth every penny. It was so nice to have someone's help with my child's lice especially when I found out in the morning I couldn't keep her at school while I taught my morning lesson!! I was stressed out and lice angels calmed me right down and got rid of the lice! Thank you!!

Cynthia G. 4/1/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Jamie went out of her way to explain the ins and outs of Leahs treatment. Highly recommend!

Catharine R. 3/28/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Jamie was very caring and professional. I was comfortable with the environment, staff and services within the 1st few minutes! I would easily give a positive recommendation to anyone considering using this service.

Juli B. 1/25/16

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

So nice to meet you thanks for your time

Andrea M. 12/18/15

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

You make the lace experience so much less stressful. You took the time to educate us on how to rid our homes of lice, as well as the thorough head check of the entire family. I would recommend your service to everyone!

Kathleen N. 8/6/15

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Polite and wonderful Service.

Square review, 3/21/15

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

What a great place to go to if you are in a situation that you normally don't deal with .They make you feel comfortable  and are extremely friendly. The place was extremely clean and very nice inside. I would recommend this to everybody that needed these types of services in a heartbeat.

Kristin S. 3/1/15

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Going through this experience for the 1st time felt like life was over. I was sick to my stomach and didn't know where to start. Coming to Jamie's Lice Angels was the best decision I made. My daughter and I felt completely comfortable. The whole experience never felt like a treatment for lice, it felt like a relaxing hair appointment. My daughter was entertained the whole time and Jamie was very easy to talk to. I received a lot of information I never knew before about lice and ended up leaving with hope for this experience to be over. If this shall happen again, I know exactly where I will be going!


Square review, 9/17/14

Customer Service, Environment, Quality

Thanks for the quick and easy treatment.

Amy K.

I was very distraught after treating my daughter's lice at home when it appeared again 10 days later. We visited Jamie's Lice Angels and our experience could not have been better. They were so compassionate to my daughter and our whole family. The atmosphere and staff are very welcoming and friendly, the salon was immaculate. They were extremely knowledgeable about what they do and their process. My family felt very fortunate to have found them.

Rodney H.

This place is great!!! I had my daughter's hair treated here and I must say that I was very impressed. The staff was friendly and very informative. I would definitely recommend Jamie's Lice Angels to anyone who has a problem with lice.

Lilshannonlee, 3/20/2013

Overall Perfect Work/ Nicest People!

As the youngest of 5 girls, we were lucky to have never gotten lice from school or at any after school activities. Now a mother myself, my daughter came home from school with lice was the scariest thing for me so far. I felt so embarrassed and was told by my daughter's family doctor to buy RID and that's what I did. I went to the closest CVS and as I was checking out the cashier looked at me and said "oh my I don't envy you," then told me to set my money down because she didn't want to touch my hands, then told me how scared she was of me that bugs were gonna jump off me onto her. My daughter started to cry of embarrassment, I was so upset that the cashier would talk about a product I was buying with a line of people behind me listening. I got home and tried the RID,  it's garbage, doesn't work at all. I looked on-line for someone to do it professionally and found Jamie's Lice Angels. They gave me an appointment the same day and when I got there they were so welcoming and the work They do is so detailed. They told me all the myths and facts about lice and when I left there I felt educated and most of all my daughter was lice free. I 100% recommend! This place was awesome, friendly work they make you feel like family.

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