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Head Lice Treatment Salon

We offer a comfortable, clean, private, lice free atmosphere. We service all ages, making sure everyone is Lice Free! Our services are Guaranteed! Our products are safe for the whole family!

Why is head lice so difficult to get rid of?

If you are visiting this site then you probably already know that treating lice the "old school way'' of buying over-the-counter pesticides just do not work the way it use to. It is required that the user repeat the process 7 days later. Users often forget to repeat and get infested again. Even then, it does not work as intended. Bugs now have built up a resistance to the pesticides that are in those kits. They have a word for these mutated bugs, they are called "super lice".

Another reason it is hard to get rid of lice is that when lice lay their eggs (nits) they use a super strong glue to hold the eggs to the hair. Adult lice can lay 7-10 new nits per day. If using at home, over-the-counter kits, they give you a flimsy comb to comb out these eggs. This is not effective. On top of that, the product is not designed to help remove the glue that is holding on so tight.

What about that "heat machine" I heard about?

The heat machine was designed to dehydrate the eggs and lice in the hair. The problem is that during the process of blowing heat onto the head, the operator is also blowing live bugs out of the clients hair onto themselves and on to anyone in the same room. Also there can be operator error. If the operator of this heat machine misses a spot on the head, then the missed eggs will hatch days later starting the infestation all over.

To combat user error, these companies send you home to put oil in your hair yourself to catch anything that they miss. This does not make sense to us.

Why we treat head lice?

"Being a mom of 4, I have experienced lice in our home. It was, what I thought at the time, a nightmare. Having struggled with over the counter pesticides that continued to fail was frustrating. We didn't know that the bugs were building up a resistance to the pesticide and it wasn't even killing all of the eggs. The product that we use at Jamie's Lice Angels, is not only effective but it is guaranteed!" ~Jamie

Why should your family come to us and not choose those other ways of treating lice?

We know how to treat head lice with-out using those harmful pesticides. Our method of removing head lice and nits is 100% effective against super lice.

Our method of treating head lice is simple. We use a natural enzyme that dissolves the glue that lice use to attach the egg (nit) to the hair. This glue that the lice produce is strong. The enzyme we use works great at dissolving this glue. Then we use special heavy duty comb to comb out the nits. We provide an oil treatment that will suffocate any lice that eluded the comb out process. This oil is is most effective because it does not contain air pockets. It is 100% effective in eradicating all live lice on the head