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Head Lice at Daycare

what is your head lice policy?

We offer a Head Lice Policy designed for Daycares. We have different options that work well with the Parents and the Daycare specifically. The Head Lice Policy that is agreed upon with Jamie's Lice Angels is implemented right into the contract between Parents and Daycare.

What is your protocol if a child in your daycare has head lice?

When a child has a confirmed case of Head Lice, Parents are called to pick up the child immediately. The entire family will be seen and checked and cleared or checked and treated depending on the results per individual by Jamie's Lice Angels. They will be ranked a priority and will get the first available appointment. Each family member will receive a Certificate of Clearance, stating each individual was checked and cleared or checked and treated. The individuals that received treatment are able to return to Day Care immediately following treatment at Jamie’s Lice Angels

What preventative measures does your facility take to prevent head lice?

Our Specialists will have an initial meeting with your staff and Director. Throughout the meeting, Our Specialists will be available to walk through the facility and offer recommendations to help eliminate the spread of head lice and also offer recommendations on how to properly eradicate head lice in the event a child has it

How often does your facility check the children and staff for head lice?

Jamie's Lice Angels provides a monthly set schedule for your Day Care to receive Group Head Checks at our Location. We also offer individual schedules if needed to accommodate the needs of your families. If a case of Head Lice is reported, your Day Care will be set as a Priority and will receive the next appointment available for a group head check.

What are the benefits of utilizing the services at Jamie's Lice Angels?

At Jamie's Lice Angels, our treatments are guaranteed. Our product is 100% effective against Super Lice. Our product is safe for the entire family. We have a 100% success rate! We give each family instruction on how to eradicate lice from the home and how to prevent from contracting lice in the future. Each individual treated is given a follow-up appointment. Our Specialist are highly trained, compassionate and have a great eye for detail. Our environment is clean, comfortable and family orientated. We are Doctor recommended and Family Approved

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