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What to Expect When Getting a Head Lice Treatment at Jamie's Lice Angels.

Before Treatment At Jamie's Lice Angels

Each family member coming in to be checked and/or treated must come in with freshly shampooed, conditioned and d-tangle hair. Those that do not follow this protocol will accrue additional charges. If you have used any type of over the counter methods to treat head lice on your own then we ask that you rinse your hair with a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 apple cider vinegar, followed by shampoo, conditioner and d-tangle. This helps to remove any residue that my be on the hair that could reduce the effectiveness of the lice treatment you are going to receive at Jamie's Lice Angels.

Getting Treated

We first start with a thorough head check to make sure that our client do in fact have head lice. Some times people mistake dandruff as head lice.

When we find that a client does in-fact have a head lice infestation we show them what we find. This is very important to use. We have had clients share with us that they were treated at other places without confirmation. Then we discus the lice treatment process. It is a 3 step process that is 100% effective when following our protocol at home and when having all family members checked by our staff. Each treatment takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours to complete.


  1. We use a spray that is all natural and pesticide free. We saturate the hair and allow it to sit for a little while. This loosens the glue that holds the lice egg (nits) to the hair shaft. The glue that hold the eggs to the hair is very strong. This is why most at home treatments fail.
  2. We then preform a comb out process. This is how we remove the lice and eggs out of the hair. We use a heavy duty special comb not like the plastic combs that come in the over-the-counter product.
  3. After the combing is completed, we then soak the hair in a oil. The oil will kill any lice that could have alluded the comb out process. Each client will be instructed to wash out the oil at home.

We do have each of our clients return for a follow up appointment. All of our families are given instructions on how to eradicate lice in the home and how to prevent from getting it again in the future.